Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Heart Wants Reassurance

Love feeds on reassurances, both small and large. In the absence of them, the love is going to wither, starved.

However, the scenario is not black and white, as is the case with most situations. For instance, what of the case where your love feeds you only the smallest tidbits of reassurance; just enough to keep you hooked and in love, but not so much as to give you any kind of a sense of security in the relationship?

Are you akin to a drowning person, desperately gasping at air for every minuscule second you can force your head above water, only focused on that next ecstatic breath the rest of the time? Eventually the strength leaves, and your efforts have been in vain.

Do you more closely resemble the patient with Stockholm syndrome, pining away after a captor who is holding you hostage for some self-involved reason? Unable to defend yourself against a person you cannot see as a threat, you must either be rescued by someone outside of the situation, or come to the consequences in time.

Of course, where there is opportunity for heartache, there must also be the chance for happiness, yes? So maybe, just maybe, the tidbits could become larger scraps, become decent helpings, become overflowing excess, and the feeling of security is at long last attained.

Here's hoping.

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